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Name + Eileen
Age + 18
Birthday + January 28 1986
Location + Vancouver BC
How did you find us + Random Snooping
Sexual Preference+ Straight
Body peircings + Nose, Lip, Ears
Favorite part of your body + Eyeballs
Favorite part on others bodies+ Tooshes
Favorite piece of clothing + My 8 inch heeled boots

Please list your favorite bands/genres + Psychobilly/Rockabilly, Industrial, and other random goodness... As for bands I like Nekromantix, Nitzer Ebb, Funker Vogt, FLA, Tumor, THe Meteors, Mad Sin, Leonard Cohen, Buddy Holly and Elvis
Please list your favorite movies + Anything Burton and Tarantino, Pleasantville, Follow That Dream, Jailhouse Rock, Grease, Casablanca, Westside Story, Rebel Without A Cause, Dead Alive, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead2, Army of Darkness, BUBBA HOTEP
Please list your top five cds + Ohhh jebus! It's always been a ton of Ministry soo Land of Rape and Honey, Psalm 69, The Mind if A Terrible Thing To Taste and Filth Pig.. reason because they were some of my first cds ever (grade 4 baby) and I can still listen to all of them non-stop to this day! Then I'd have to say Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
Please list your favorite books + anything Clive Barker
Tv + Third Watch, Crossing Jordan, City Confidential, Cold Case Files, American Justice, Simpsons, 48

Addictions + Tea
Weapons + Nails
If you were an activist what would be representing + Women allowed to go topless!

The Syntheticdolls:
Fetish+ Pale Skinny Boys, duh <3
Your main struggle + my weight... even though I'm not "fat" I still struggle with it.
Describe yourself with 5 words + awkward, bitchy, shy, short, fiesty
Tell us something we don't know + the only food that doesn't go rotten is honey
What are your weaknesses and strengths + weakness is rejection from those i love/like, my strength is being able to make people laugh
Please post at least 5 pictures( 1 picture being 100x100) +

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