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Synthetic Dolls


Name + Jessi
Age + 17
Birthday + December 18, 1986
Location + Texas, soon Chicago
How did you find us + Looking for communities to join
Sexual Preference+ males
Body peircings + Ears, but i want to get some when i turn 18
Favorite part of your body + my arms(lol)
Favorite part on others bodies+ their arms
Favorite piece of clothing + My corset looking top(it isn't a corset) with buckles on the front

Please list your favorite bands/genres + Funker Vogt, Skinny Puppy, kmfdm, suicide commando, Wumpscut, etc. I listen to any industrial, ebm, synthpop, classical, etc.
Please list your favorite movies + Full Metal Jacket, Requim of a Dream, The Wizard of Oz, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beauty And The Beast
Please list your top five cds + Survivor-Funker Vogt, Xtort-KMFDM, Music For A German Tribe-Wumpscut, Back And Forth Vol. 5-Skinny Puppy, Axis of Evil-Suicide Commando
Please list your favorite books + Fahrenheit 451, Mein Kampf, and any of the the harry potter books(I know, but i got into them before he became big)

Opinions: Everyone has an opinion. Just because a person disagrees with you, it doesn't make them wrong, or stupid. They're just giving you their opinion
Addictions + Spearmint gum, startburts, my boy, grape slushes
Weapons + Are bad. Unless they're used for self defense.
If you were an activist what would be representing + All minorities in society. Atleast i'd try.

The Syntheticdolls:
Fetish+ Boots, skirts, belts, bags, jackets
Your main struggle + Trying to get into SAIC, and getting my portfolio ready.
Describe yourself with 5 words + Nice, Shy, sxe, sandwich artist
Tell us something we don't know + hmm......I like monkeys
What are your weaknesses and strengths + Weakness=I don't think i'm a good artist. Strenght=sometimes i think i'm a good artist. O_o
Please post at least 5 pictures

I need to dye my hair again. >.<

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