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Survey<BR>Name + Kimmie<BR>Age + 17<BR>Birthday + 8/26/87<BR>Location +Baltimore, MD<BR>How did you find us + Searched for JOJ<BR>Sexual Preference+ Bisexual<BR>Body peircings + Tongue, n nose, had a lot more, but had to remove them for work<BR>Favorite part of your body + Toes. hah<BR>Favorite part on others bodies+ Tummies and eyes<BR>Favorite piece of clothing + Skirts<BR><BR>Interests:<BR>Please list your favorite bands/genres + JOJ, Scarling, Kittie, Murderdolls, etc<BR>Please list your favorite movies +Nightmare b4 x-mas, The Crow, From Hell<BR>Please list your top five cds + Sexless Demons and Scars, Great Milinko, Spit, Valley of Murderdolls, AntiChristSuperstar<BR>Please list your favorite books +Witchcraft, Kiss The girls, <BR>Tv + Salior Moon, Family Guy<BR><BR>Opinions:<BR>Addictions + None<BR>Weapons +NOpE<BR>If you were an activist what would be representing + Animal rights<BR><BR>The Syntheticdolls:<BR>Fetish+ Bondage, Choking, and Tummies, heh<BR>Your main struggle + I'm fat -=\<BR>Describe yourself with 5 words + Loyal, Ugly &gt;.&lt;, Messy, heh, Blunt, Nice<BR>Tell us something we don't know + People tend to screw me over, idk lol<BR>What are your weaknesses and strengths + I'm too nice, that can be both<BR>




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