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Name + Samantha Beasley
Age + 16
Birthday + 10/25/1988
Location + Santa Barbara, California, USA
How did you find us + Through the livejournal search
Sexual Preference+ Straight
Body peircings + Two each eay... so far (I'm going to get my septum pierced)
Favorite part of your body + Either my ass, or my eyes...
Favorite part on others bodies+ Depends. Eyes or hair
Favorite piece of clothing + Victorian corsets

Please list your favorite bands/genres + Tori Amos, Switchblade Symhony, Hole, , Rasputina, Bikini Kill, Jack Off Jill, Otep...
Lots of Punk, Goth, and metal. Some femme rock too.
Please list your favorite movies +
Please list your top five cds +
1. How We Quit The Forest- Rasputina
2. From The Choirgirl Hotel- Tori Amos
3. To Venus And Back- Tori Amos
4. Sinister Nostalgia- Switchblade Symphony
5. Sexless Demons & Scars- Jack Off Jill
Please list your favorite books + Anything by Francesca Lia Block, Arthur Golden, Sylvia Plath, or Carol Plum-Ucci
Tv + Mad TV. I don't watch much TV...

Addictions + It depends on the addiction...
Weapons + Sometimes you just need them....for safety. ^_~
If you were an activist what would be representing + I am... Womens rights, and animal rights

The Syntheticdolls:
Fetish+ Bondage, blood, roleplaying...
Your main struggle + Love. My Bipolar disorder
Describe yourself with 5 words +
1. Bizzare
2. Free-spirited
3. Oppionative
4. Kawaii
5. Dark
Tell us something we don't know + I LOVE dolls, and I'm a singer. I play the cello and piano.
hat are your weaknesses and strengths +
Weaknesses: I'm headstrong, and very quirky. I also have a horrible past.
Strengths: Being a lover. Showing people love when they need it most
Please post at least 5 pictures( 1 picture being 100x100) +

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