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Name + Tassy
Age + 18
Birthday + Feb. 10, 1986
Location + Northeastern, PA
How did you find us + Interest Look Up
Sexual Preference+ bisexual
Body peircings + my ears and my nose
Favorite part of your body + my face cause i like to doll it up with makeup
Favorite part on others bodies+ There Hands
Favorite piece of clothing + all my (PVC) Clothing
Interests: i <3 Going To Clubs, Cloth's/(PVC)Clothing, OvEr dOne MAkEup, gLiTtEr, Platforms, sYnTheTic hAiR, WiGs, Corsets, Drag Queens, DanCinG, Being OuT All Night and SlEePiNg all day, “cyBergoThS", music, and a bunch of other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pease list your favorite bands/genres + ScAbDriVeR~GotH/InduStRiaL~gLam RocK~SynTH pOp~OrgY~LuNarcLicK~NIn~MM~DeaDSy~SkinnY PuppY~seXpiStols~ThEcLaSh~80's~cYborG aTTack~JacKofFjiLL~KiTTiE~RoB zOmBie~AlmOst AnyThinG tEchnO~AFi~thE uSed~HiM~OrBital~VNV Nation~ Apoptygma Berzerk~And OnE~E-Craft~New school:Wumpscut~Seabound~NeuroTicfIsh~Goteki/Sneaky Bat Machine~ Negative Format~~iT jUsT kEePs oN gOinG

Please list your favorite movies + The Rocky Horror Picture Show~Nightmare Before Christmas~ Edward scissorhands~ sleepy hollow~Anything by Tim Burton~ginger snaps 1 & 2, hOmErOOm~Interview with the Vampire~Party Monsters~Anything Glam~The crow~80's teen flicks~Beetlejuice~The Craft~The Addams Family~All the Friday the 13th movies, Halloween movies, Evil dead...ya know all them!!! could go on....

Please list your top five cds + Orgy's Vapor Transmission, Candyass, and Punk Statik Paranoia, LunarClick self-titled album, and MM Holywood

Please list your favorite books + ummm, not a big reader

Tv + i don't watch TV really either

Opinions: The Goverment Should BLow Up
Addictions + Pictures, i <3 Pictures, talking them and getting them!!!!
Weapons + My Hair sometimes can be a Weapon...^_^

If you were an activist what would be representing + ummm, i dont like the goverment at all so i would go for anything involving it!!!!

The Syntheticdolls: ArE aS pReTTiE aS kiTTiEs...^_^

Fetish+ Corsets, Fishnet/Tights/Pantyhose, Photo/Videotaping (taking), Photo/Videotaping (receive)

Your main struggle + quite smoking Cigg.
Describe yourself with 5 words + Wild/Spontaneous, Open-Minded, Flirtatious/Playful, Friendly

Tell us something we don't know + Strangers have the best candy.....hehe

What are your weaknesses and strengths + my weakness would prob. be not taking critisim very well, my strengh would be i except everyone and i dont critisize (can spell...hehe)

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